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Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Hidden Gem

Yesterday I went to Goodwill with my sister and her son,  to take advantage of Dollar Thursday.  It was an interesting day, we got off the bus only to realize that my sister had left her diaper bag on it.  We had to wait for it to come back around to see if it was still there, luckily it was. 

photos 1010

Anyway I managed to find a couple of items.  A pair of gray knee socks, un-worn and the perfect shade of gray because it goes with everything but doesn’t make me look frumpy.  I also found this simple little doll for only a dollar.  Her hair is messed up, her dress is horrible, and she has some really bad cracks on her face.

photos 1012 See, there’s another one on her forehead, but luckily her hair covers it.  Why did I buy her?  First, I do have a soft spot for pathetic looking dolls (see Goodwill Barbie and Barbie Transformation).  Plus, her face is cute and the hair would look pretty once combed.  But the main real reason is that she has hidden some charm, namely her music box.  She plays “Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head”, I think that’s what the song is called.  I just happen to be very fond of that song despite not knowing all the words and all.  I would never have known they was anything special about her if I hadn’t picked her up and checked, something most people wouldn’t have bothered to do once they saw her cracked face.  It goes to show sometimes you need to look pass outward appearances to see what’s on the inside.  Or something like that.

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