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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I’m Organized? and A Project List Update

Yesterday, I was featured on  You get to see me in action there, and apparently I’m more organized than I thought.  At least, according to what it says I am, though it certainly doesn’t look like it to me.  Oh well.
photos 106I finish the tote bag form my list.  I’ve been wanting to do it since April but never got around to it.  Maybe the umbrellas will bring some luck for rain, goodness knows we need it here.
Now the updated list:
  • Ribbon headbands
  • Jean waistband cuffs
  • Jewelry with crescent moons and stars
  • Tote bag with umbrella appliqués
  • Something square
  • Watermelon shaped oven mitts, maybe with matching accessories
  • Cell phone sleeping bag
  • Change purse key chains
  • Monster plush key chains
  • Strawberry pins and magnets
  • Painted binder clips
  • bottle cap pins
  • zipper charms
  • butterflies
Seven down, Seven to go.  Yay!  Halfway through!


  1. Making lists and crossing things off is so satisfying. Glad you're getting stuff done.

  2. Cute umbrellas!Great job on getting half way done!


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