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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Better than Bracelets, a Project List Update

photos 092 Another project done from the list, waistband cuffs.  Technically I only made one from jeans, the other ones are from a plaid skirt and cameo print cargos, bet you can’t guess which. 
I used the skirt because I loved the cute buckle it had and the plaid was a nice touch.  I made the cameo one because it looks like something a guy might actually wear, although I’m not sure about it.  And the jean cuff is made with a cotton polka dot print I’ve had for far too long.  Ever found some fabric somewhere, be it a craft store or thrift store, and loved it to death yet you always put off actually using it.  Because you’re “saving” it for the perfect project that you may never find, so it just sits there gathering dust.  This was the case with the print and I just got sick of it so I used it.  I’m also planning on using it for one of the other projects, so look forward to it.
Now the updated list:
  • Ribbon headbands
  • Jean waistband cuffs
  • Jewelry with crescent moons and stars
  • Tote bag with umbrella appliqués
  • Something square
  • Watermelon shaped oven mitts, maybe with matching accessories
  • Cell phone sleeping bag
  • Change purse key chains
  • Monster plush key chains
  • Strawberry pins and magnets
  • Painted binder clips
  • bottle cap pins
  • zipper charms
  • butterflies
Four down, ten to go.

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