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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So Happy and a Project Update


red polka dot pencils
Yay! One of my items was featured in a blog.  My red polka dot pencils were featured on A Scrappy Design along with some other adorable items.  Check it out here.

Star and moon shrink plastic jewelry.

Also I finished another project from my list.  I made a charm bracelet with two stars and a moon, a beaded necklace with a moon, and a moon zipper charm.  The charms are made with shrink plastic.  Sorry, but I can’t quite remember why I wanted to make moon and star jewelry.  It doesn’t matter anymore, because I think they came out wonderful.

Now the updated list:

    • Ribbon headbands Jean waistband cuffs

    • Jewelry with crescent moons and stars

    • Tote bag with umbrella appliqués

    • Something square

    • Watermelon shaped oven mitts, maybe with matching accessories

    • Cell phone sleeping bag

    • Change purse key chains

    • Monster plush key chains

    • Strawberry pins and magnets

    • Painted binder clips

    • bottle cap pins

    • zipper charms

    • butterflies

    Three down, eleven to go.

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