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Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft Closet Overload

photos 103 I found this lovely green material at Goodwill months ago.  It came with matching thread and other notions needed, yet it sits there in the original bag I got it in.   I just haven’t gotten around to it, so why did I get it in the first place if I wasn’t going to do anything with it.  Why do we hoard supplies?  It’s always “oh just imagine what I can do with this”  when we have at least five “just imagine” projects still in the closet waiting for the “imagining” to start.  For me, sometimes I see a good deal and I can’t pass it up, or I see something about to be tossed and I have to save it because it could be useful someday.  I’ve started to take a stand on this.  I haven’t gone shopping “just to look” for awhile now, and one of the reasons I’ve been doing my Project List lately is to finally use some of those materials collecting dust.  Sadly, the green fabric has still been shoved to the back, but be patient dear fabric.  Someday you may still be transformed into something both useful and beautiful, if only I could figure out what.  So, the next time you want to check out the sale at your favorite fabric store or whatever, try “shopping” in your little collection first, you might already have all that you need for your next project.  At the very least, you might be inspired to do a little cleaning up shop to make room for your latest finds.  Maybe not.

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