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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lemons to Ponder

photo_4610_20090216 Every time I buy lemons, most of them go bad before I can use them all up.  I love the way they smell, but I don’t know what to use them for as far as eating them.   I know several non-food uses though not all are things I’d actually do. 

  • General cleaning – several recipes are available for homemade cleaner that use lemons.
  • Air freshener – just mix juice in water and spray, but be careful what you spray it on.
  • Bleach substitute – This is why you watch what you spray, and test on a small area first.
  • Hair lightener – I think everyone has heard of this, spray in hair and go outside for natural highlights.  Just don’t forget the sunscreen, lemon juice will make your skin burn easier.
  • Exfoliate – Cut a lemon in half and rub it on rough spots, especially elbows and knees.  Something about the acids help to remove dead skin cells.  It’s probably not something you’d want to do too often, and though with sensitive skin should tread cautiously.
  • Kill odors – squeeze some lemon juice into your garbage can to keep it from knocking you out. 
  • Houseplants – Save the seeds and try you luck at growing them, also try oranges.  They have pretty leaves and are so much fun when you actually get them to sprout.

Now if anyone knows of something to do with lemons as food, please let me know.  Live well and lemony fresh.

Lemon photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  Check them out, it’s pretty cool.


  1. I am the same exact way! I am always buying them and they go bad before I can figure out what to do with them.


  2. I love all things lemony, the smell the taste, I've even been known to eat the raw with salt on - terrible for your teeth though.

  3. Lemons and beer are awesome too. And lemon and garlic chicken is to die for.

  4. When you think about it I guess Lemon's are pretty versatile. I'm rubbish at cooking so have no cool suggestions. I love lemon slices in drinks though oh and I also love lemon meringue pie. :0)

  5. Lemons and salt? And I thought my taste buds were strange.

  6. lemons.... food.... how about Chicken Piccata or lemon merengue Pie, or a fresh salad dressing made from lemon juice instead of vinegar, or baked fish with lemon slices, or seafood risotto with some lemons slices to cut the creaminess. Hope this helps-- I am sure there are a ton more ideas!

  7. Well Maryann, the lemon merengue pie sounds yummy and I probably should eat more salad so they are quite helpful. Thanks. Sadly I can't try the other ideas because I'm actually a vegetarian. Unless...


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