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Friday, August 7, 2009

Perfect Kitty Album, Nope!


photos 061 I wanted to get a few good pictures of my cat, Midnight which wasn’t easy because she wouldn’t hold still.  My photography skills are crummy enough without having to shoot a moving target.  See here how she instinctively looks away when I point the camera at her.


photos 062

Here I was super lucky.  Although technically she isn’t looking straight at me, but it's close enough.

 photos 063

Here’s about a second later, see it’s instinct, she’s avoiding the camera.

 photos 064 

So close, but no dice.

photos 065 

Here is the blur of her moving away.

 photos 067 

And again.

photos 068 

Look at me will you.

photos 069 

Success!  Except, now she’s got that creepy glowing eye thing that makes people scared of cats.  Whatever, she’s fine.

photos 070 

Oops, there she goes again.

photos 071 

And again, ironically she is moving around so much in order to get my attention.

photos 075 

Ah, the easy way to get her to hold still, and she’s looking at me too, or is that glaring?

photos 074 

Just let her enjoy her meal.  Bon appétit Midnight.

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