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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blue Plaid Revisited, a Dress Makeover

At last, the end of my craft project list has come, with another dress redo.

Making over a blue plaid dress, again.

Almost six years ago, I found a blue plaid “pioneer” looking dress at Goodwill and turned into this pretty dress (see Numbers Game and Perfect Heels). 

Fast forward years later, I started to think that it’s an okay dress but could be better.  I thought that it would look cuter as a jumper, maybe worn with a pretty blouse.

Making over a blue plaid dress, again.

So I started by removing the sleeves and cutting a new neckline.

Making over a blue plaid dress, again.

I used bias tape along the arm holes and neckline.  The only one I had around was this green wide bias tape, but since it wasn’t going to show the color didn’t matter too much.

Making over a blue plaid dress, again.

See, I used single folded bias tape so the green is only on the inside.  The real issue was the width.  A thinner bias tape is more preferable because it curves better and lies flatter when finished.

Making over a blue plaid dress, again.

All that was left to do was to trim the neckline with this beautiful crocheted lace.  You may have noticed it is the same lace I used for a recent skirt (see Vintage Floral - Pretty Dress to High Waisted Skirt).  It goes great with the plaid as well.

Changing a blue plaid dress to a blue plaid jumper.

And here’s the finished dress, shown with a long sleeved blouse.  It’s pretty nice, though I think I messed up a little cutting one of the arm holes.  And I think it would look better worn with a collared blouse.

Since I did remove the sleeves, I naturally had leftover fabric.  What can you always make with leftovers?

A blue plaid pleated skirt for a doll made from fabric scraps.

Doll clothes! 

I whipped up this cute pleated plaid skirt for one of my dolls (check the doll blog for more about it).

A blue plaid pleated skirt for a doll made from fabric scraps

It is cut on the bias so it slips on and off easily.  As always, I am tempted to make a similar skirt for myself.  Maybe someday.

Here’s the updated list:

Six down and out.  Finally finished this list, it only took me a couple of months.  What’s next?  You shall see soon, look forward to it.

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  1. cute and clever! I love seeing old items come to life with a new twist - and the matching doll outfit is a great idea.
    Stopping by from this week's Throwback Thursday link party!


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