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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Velvet and Lace, Making a Black Dress Cuter

The previous couple of projects for my craft list were skirts, but this one is a simple dress.

Making a simple velvet dress cuter with lace and pearls.

I found this velvet dress (like much of my wardrobe) at a thrift store and had to have it.  I have several black velvet dresses and pretty much wear them year round.

This particular one didn’t fit me as well as I would have liked, a frequent problem for me.  I could have easily just taken it in a little and left it at that, but why not do a little more?

Taking the dress in.

I first pinned it on the sides and at the top.  This obviously makes the dress smaller and the top part of it shorter, my unusual problem areas for fitting.

Making a simple velvet dress cuter with lace and pearls.

After sewing and trimming off the excess, just needed to embellish the dress a little.  I added this pretty lace along the neckline along with some pearls to make it extra special.  Looks really nice and it hides any sewing errors.

Making a simple velvet dress cuter with lace and pearls.

The results: A super pretty velvet dress that actually fits me.

A black velvet headband made with fabric scraps.

As an extra bonus, I use the scraps of fabric to make a matching headband.  I just wrapped the strips of fabric around the blank headband base while gluing it down, and then added a simple bow.  A great way to complete this pretty new outfit.

Here’s the updated list:

Four down, just two more to go.  The next one should be up by Friday.  Look forward to it!

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