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Thursday, March 31, 2016

And Now…The Dress

I finished my new dress just in time to wear for Easter, and now days later, I am finally posting it here.

Dress Design Sketch

Here’s the sketch of the design.  It’s considerably different than what I originally had in my head, because in my head I was thinking of a different fabric that I thought I had.  I went fabric shopping, fell in love with a different fabric and pumped out this design inspired by the new fabric.  So how did the dress come out?

Red and Cream Floral Dress


It’s sleeveless (worn over a blouse) with a full skirt layered with the floral fabric and a cream colored fabric.  The fabric should look familiar since I used it for the purse I made (see Just Several Pretty Lace Accessories...).   Matches the dress perfectly.

I only had a few little problems.  I not sure the front of the bodice came out as well as I want, though it does fit me quite well which is rare for me.  And I realized that when I bought the ribbon to match the fabric, I didn’t buy enough.  This required an additional visit to the store.  And naturally this lead to me walking out of the store with more than just ribbon.

Close up of bodice

Here is the bib on the front of the bodice.  Lots of lace, tiny buttons and pin tucks galore.  I kind of think I made it a tiny bit too long, but maybe I’m just being too picky.  Otherwise I think it’s great.  The ribbon was a pain to sew.  I did it completely by hand here as well as on the skirt because it would snag on the machine.  Completely worth it.

Pretty pin on blouse

I made use of the pins and stuff I made with the purse.  They help complete the entire outfit.

Here’s the updated list:

Four down, three more to go.  Might be a little while for the next project, but it will come.  Look forward to it.


  1. I LOVE your dress!! So cute! I would definitely wear this one proudly! Thanks for sharing it with us at the What to do Weekends Party!
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

  2. That dress is wonderful and so classic! I wish you could still find dresses like that at the regular stores.

    1. You can find them online, but they're pricey, plus it's more fun to sew them anyway.

  3. This is just darling! My daughter would find it dreamy. You should be very proud of your work!
    Blessings, Leigh


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