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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Doll Dresses for All, With a Tutorial

This post may contain affiliate links, see my disclosures page for more information.  Thanks!

I originally intended to post this last Friday, but realized it would be better to post today instead.  I will explain why in a second.

Anyway, for the next project on my list, I made…

The Easy Fitted Bodice or How to Make a Doll Dress to Fit Any Doll, a Tutorial

…doll dresses!

I of course made one for my ball jointed doll (you can see “her” reaction to it here), but I also made some for another doll.

An Ever After HIgh doll in her new dress

This is an Ever After High doll that belongs to my niece.  She has two of them plus a Monster High doll, and all three have the same ultra slim figure and are in bad need for clothing.  I have made cute dresses for my own Monster High dolls before (see Dressed Duo and Red Shoes), so I thought I could make similar dresses for her dolls.

Today is actually my niece’s birthday, and since she is now about old enough to actually read my blog, it would probably ruin the surprise if I had posted this sooner.

Cute Doll Dresses for Monster High/ Ever After High Doll with Tutorial
So here’s all the dresses I made, except for the one for my doll.  I used the same easy bodice for all of them, just with different skirts and simple embellishments.  The fabric came from two large scraps I had leftover from some dresses I made (see Catching Up - Conventions Anyone? and Time for Some Catching Up).

And since I figured other people might have the same problem of having dolls with unique figures and no clothes to fit, I made a video tutorial for my doll dresses.  It shows how to make dresses to fit practically any doll.


Here’s the updated list:
  • Covers
  • Bag
  • Jacket and Skirt
  • Hearts
  • Little Dresses

Two down, three more to go.   The next one should be up by Sunday, possibly sooner.  Look forward to it.

Update 1/7/2018:

Now for those who want to make a doll dress, but are short on time (or patience), there is my new Turbo Version.  The same easy doll dress tutorial video, but half the time to watch.



  1. This is interesting! The only reason I had dolls growing up was to make em dresses!

    Pls do Link UP at the Practical Mom Link Up! I’d love to see you there :)


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