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Friday, March 18, 2016

Up to Thirty Five

Craft Project List #35

I realized that with Easter fast approaching as well as spring and then summer, I have plenty I want to sew/make.  I of course made a list of these things I want to make, but I realized I haven’t posted it here yet.

So here’s my latest to-do list:

Craft Project List #35:

  • dress
  • hair accessories
  • small bag
  • pins
  • clips
  • doll clothes
  • video

Seven projects and about half of them need to be done by Easter.  Eek!  Luckily I have technically already started working on them.  Still, there is much to be done.  Wish me luck.

Update: I completed this list, you can see the last project and links to the rest of them here.

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