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Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy Being Green Plaid

For the final project on this list, I saved the best for last.  Actually I think that doll I made is better (see Brown Eyes), but this one is pretty cute too.
See, a pretty new dress.  I bought the fabric months ago intending to make a dress with it.  The problem was that it was summer at the time and this pattern doesn’t exactly scream “summer”.  It reminds me more of Back to School, which is why some of you may notice that it is the same fabric I used for my binder cover (see Clean and Covered).  It a fairly simple pattern, at least it should have been.  The only problem with it is that it is just a teensy tiny bit too big for me in the bust area, flattering right?  Otherwise I love it.  The green bows are removable too, so I can move them to anywhere I want including my hair.
Speaking of hair, a dress isn’t complete without matching hair accessories like this quickie headband.  Just a few minutes with a scrap of fabric, a small length of lace, a metal headband and of course a glue gun.  The best part about it is it’s simplicity.  Makes it easier to wear with other things.
And last but not least, a matching bag.  This one was mostly made out of necessity.  It’s cute and hides easily under my choir robe.  That’s the necessity part, normally for Choir everyone locks their purses and bags in a certain closet in the choir room.  That is until it got broken into some time ago.  I was one of the lucky few who wasn’t robbed then.  Anyway, despite a change of locks and a guard thingie installed, it happened again a couple weeks ago.  Scary right?  I was lucky again this time.  This means we all have carry our bags into service.  It kind of looks strange to see the choir walk in with big old purses hanging on their arms.  Hence, the need for a tiny and discreet little bag like this one.  Maybe I should make more for the other members?  Hmmm.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Hair elastics
  • Acorn pins
  • Tiny shoes
  • Tiny purses
  • Dress
  • Pencils
  • Cat toys
  • Tiny dresses
  • Cloth doll
  • Tiny accessories
  • Green dress
Eleven down and out, and just in time too.  I’ve got plenty of things I need to make for October.  I’ll have the next list up in a few days.

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