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Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a Couple of Sweaters

I still haven’t finished drafting my new list, that should be up by tomorrow assuming I can finally decided on a few of the projects.  Anyway, this morning I decided to work on a few little things I had lying around.  Call them “mending” projects.


This is a sweater thing I got for free from a thrift store downtown.  See why it was free?  The crocheted edge was ragged and had come undone in various spots and some of the buttons were missing.  It was mostly a job of removing the rest of edge and buttons in order to fix it.

DSCI0627 So after removing the “mess” shown here and adding some ribbon…


…I got this.  Noticeably better.  The ribbon was threaded on a needle and “sewn” on with a running stitch.  I tied it in bows at the ends on the bottom and at the neckline to tie it close.  It’s cute, but sadly it looks very Spring.  Just when we were finally starting to experience Fall weather here.


I guess that where this comes in.  I forgot to take a before photo but it was a pullover sweater made of the softest cashmere ever.  I got it from a friend as a hand-me-down, aren’t friends wonderful?  Anyway, pullovers aren’t quite my style so I opened it up.  I just cut down the front, then sewed some peach-colored ribbon along the edges before turning them under and sewing them down.  After that, all I did was sew a hook and eye to the top and glued two faux pearls.  This was to cover the stitches from the hook and eye which weren’t entirely hidden.  Plus it makes it prettier.  Now I have two similar sweaters for Fall and Spring, and they didn’t cost me a dime.Red heart

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