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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oops, I forgot.

I forgot to mention this here, but I signed up for a pinterest account.  Just what I need right?  Another account that needs to be “maintained” regularly.  I just wanted to try it out, so many people I know have been raving about.  However, most people seem to think of Pinterest as a way to promote oneself.  I guess it sort of works for that, but I'm using it more as an organization tool.  That is was it was created for, I think.  For example, let’s say I wanted to get a jump on my project list for Christmas.  I just set up a board for it and pin all the cute Christmassy tutorials I find everywhere.  I’ll have them all conveniently in one spot.  Works pretty well that way for me, how about you?  What do you use Pinterest for?

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