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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A is For…

A lot of good things have happened this week.  I got 100 percent on my latest exam, again. Totally aced the class.  A poem I wrote was excepted at Associated Content.  Associated Content is one of those sites for freelance writers and media artists or whatever to promote their work and hopefully make a living.  Check out my poem here.  I also finally sold something from my etsy shop.  Yay!
photos 306To celebrate, I tackled both the apron and scarf from my list.  The apron is made from an ugly dress that was handed down to me.  I thought the embroidery was cute, so I used it for the front.  I added the lacey part on a whim, sometimes you just have to trust your gut on these things.

photos 307

For the scarf, I used a promotional t-shirt.  I got the idea from this eBook from favecrafts.  I didn’t exactly follow the instructions to the letter, but I think it looks okay.  It’s kind of ironic to wear a scarf with the logo of a car insurance company when I can’t drive.  It’s part of the fun.

So here’s the updated list:
  • bottle cozy
  • half apron
  • hankies
  • snowflake angels
  • bias tape accessories
  • mini baskets
  • pouches
  • bead headbands
  • Wings
  • scarf
  • id tag holder
Five down, six to go.  Next is the angels or maybe the hankies.


  1. Yaaaahoooo!! What positive things you have accomplished!! That deserves an atta girl award.


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