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Monday, December 14, 2009

Checking Off One by One

photos 384
Here’s what I finished over the weekend.  These ornament were made with ornament hooks, so ironic.  I twisted one into a ring, and attached the other hooks in petal shapes.  I strung faux pearls onto the wires as I attached them.  Then I finished with a hook left as a hook to hang them up.  They were easy, but they made my hands cramp up.  I’m not really use to working with so much wire.
photos 391
I wanted to make some pom-pom toys for my cat and realized I was out of yarn, so I improvised.  I cut fabric scraps into strips with my pinking shears, then made them into crinkly pom-poms.  I used some fabric to secure them and tied them to kite string.  Now I can dangle them for her.

photos 386
I made this sock monkey for one of the men on my list.  Guys are so hard to craft for, hopefully he will at least find this amusing. The bow, stripes, heart eyes and hair on painted on.  I felt inspired some how.  I decided not to add a tail,  Curious George doesn’t have a tail and nobody complains about him, right?
photos 394

This little kitty is for a certain little guy.  I made it out of a pair of old sweat pants.  I turn them inside-out to make it look fuzzier.  I hope he likes it.  Little boys can be just as hard to craft for as bigger boys.

Here’s my updated list:
  • tiny scarves
  • tiny boxes
  • sock monkey
  • pom-poms
  • wire ornaments
  • kitty
  • belt
  • mitten ornaments
  • scarf
  • CD holder
  • horsie
  • pin cushions
  • wrapped accessories
  • apron
  • felt ornaments
  • disk boxes
  • tote
  • house
  • pet house
  • bell ornaments
  • Key chains
  • roll
Six down, Sixteen to go.  In order so far.


  1. Oh my goodness, Curious George DOESN'T have a tail! I don't think I ever noticed before! shame on me--I used to be rather obsessed with Curious George. Good luck with that list--it's a doozy!

  2. Well, as you can see in my latest post, I am handling the list quite well.


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