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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Crafting for Christmas: More Clothes and a House

This post is probably a bit late, but so were the crafts.  The last of my Christmas crafts were finished the night before Christmas Eve, just in time.

First up…

Cute fabric house made with felt and trimmed with lace.

The Fabric House

I made a similar fabric house for Christmas several years ago, in fact I made several of them to give to some lucky kids (see Christmas Operation: Complete and Then Some).  I made them all based on this tutorial.  For this new one I wanted to go a different route.

Cute fabric house made with felt and trimmed with lace

I made it all using felt because it’s nice and thick and comes in great colors, plus I had a ton of it lying around.

The new owner of the house needed an easy way to close it, so this house was made with Velcro instead of elastic loops like the others.  Plus, it was made slightly wider to accommodate his favorite stuff toys.

Inside of a cute fabric house.

Notice the lace added to the roof and along the door and window.  I thought it would add a nice touch, plus the new owner actually likes lace and other interesting textures.

The next and final craft project involves the lovely poinsettia fabric I used for my dress (see Crafting for Christmas: Ornaments, Dresses, and a Printable?).

Simple casual poinsettia skirt.

The Poinsettia Skirt

A simple rectangle skirt with a comfortable elastic waistband.  It’s easy to make and wear, but still has impact thanks to the pretty poinsettia print.  It was made as a gift for a good friend, she absolutely loved it.

In case anyone wants to make one themselves, it’s just made of two pieces. 

The main part is a rectangle.  Length is about twice your hip measurement or a few inches less for a less full skirt.  The width is how long you want the skirt plus a couple of inches.The second piece is the waistband that is as long as your hip measurement plus about four inches and about 2-4 inches wide to fit your elastic through.

Here’s a tutorial I found for a rectangle skirt that should help.  Note that the length measurement in the tutorial is different because it’s a much fuller skirt.

Now that we’re finished with Christmas and the year, it’s time for a little break to catch our breath. 

See you all next year!


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