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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Operation: Complete and Then Some

It’s Christmas Eve and I finished my list, just in time.

Fabric toy houses
Here are some of the little houses I made.  They are made from a tutorial from UK Lass in US.  I actually made mine a little simpler, I just hope the recipients will know what they are and what to do with them.

Tiny mitten ornaments made from fabric scraps.

I made my mitten ornaments with more sweat pants scraps.  I never knew old sweat pants could be so useful. 

They’re pretty and I stitched them by hand instead of machine.  I actually did them in class yesterday, someone had to ask about them.  Apparently they look like they could be mittens for a baby.

Pretty tote bag made with dragon fabric.

For this pretty tote bag, I used a tutorial from Belle Epoque Whimsy.  I’ve used a lot of other sources for this list haven’t I? 

Anyway, the bag is made with what’s left of this gorgeous dragon print and has a cotton lining.  The bias trim on top looks great and makes it so easy to do.  

This is going to someone who desperately needs a slightly larger purse.  She crams too much into her current one, which is looking worn out and then some.

Cute craft apron with plenty of pockets.

The last one on my list is this craft apron based on a tutorial from Creative Little Daisy.  The one in the tutorial involves patchwork which is cute, but not my thing. 

I use black material for the main part of the apron  to emphasize the cute polka dot pockets.  I used bric brac trim that clashed mainly because I felt like it.

Finished up with some straps, and it is perfect for stashing my tools when I work instead of placing them anywhere and losing them.  Something that happens frequently.

Here’s my updated list:

All done!  Now I just have to finish wrapping.

Bonus!  I finished the Kailey and Boris holiday episode.




  1. Don't you love it when people think you're pregnant? :P

  2. It was actually a pregnant woman who asked about the mittens. Maybe I should make her a set.

  3. Here is what I want to know, how do you get so much done? Amazing!

  4. Two words, no sleep. Also I begged my sister to help me cut the pieces for the houses. Although she quit in the middle to work on her stuff. She was way behind.


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