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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crafty All-nighter

I got on a roll the other night and finished up my list.  Nothing like staying up late crafting, especially when you’re suppose to be studying.

photos 348For the snowflake angels, I made paper snowflakes and cut them in half.  One half was made into a cone for the dress, and the other for the wings.  The head is a scrap of fabric with some fiberfill, it’s made the same way as those tissue ghost things you make in elementary school.  The halos are sparkly plastic tubes I had left over from some bracelets.  I was inspired to make these from some doilies in a cake box.  Another reason to eat cake.photos 346


I made the bottle cozy out of leftover fuzzy felt.  I made it to look like a furry collared jacket.  I thought about adding sleeves, but it seemed too odd.  It is a very simple design and goes on with Velcro.  Now my water bottle is well insulated, I wish I could say the same for myself.  It’s been unusually cold here lately.


photos 351


For the handkerchiefs, I decided to try out my new used pinking shears.  I used some more of this pretty cotton, and added some stitching so they wouldn’t end up looking like napkins instead of handkerchiefs.


photos 361

The wings were really fun to do.  I used scraps from an old dress and hangers for most of it.  The hangers were kind of hard to shape, but hopefully they look like wings at least.  The best part was decorating them, I used tons of glitter.  My niece is modeling them here.  She just loves them, so does her little brother.  I guess it’s not that odd for a 2 year old boy to want to wear sparkly fairy wings.  They do look cute on him.

photos 364

Here’s the headband I made, again modeled by my niece.  I used faceted beads and wire from a spiral notebook.  Now you know what to do with those old school notebooks.  Make accessories!  I’m not very experienced with working with wire so my hands starting to cramp up.  I manage to finish it, but I won’t exactly be working with wire anytime soon.  At least not this week.

photos 378

My last project is the pouch. Fairly simple, I used an envelope as a pattern, hence the resemblance.  This is the first time I have ever used snaps that aren’t sewn on.  It was easier than I thought it would be.  You learn something new everyday.



photos 373

Here’s the best part.  Since it looks like an envelope, it should have a stamp, right?  I wonder if I could mail it for real, with a real stamp I mean.  I’ve heard of fabric postcards being mailed, why not envelopes?  I guess it would depend on what’s being mailed and the type of fabric.

So here’s the finished list:

  • bottle cozy
  • half apron
  • hankies
  • snowflake angels
  • bias tape accessories
  • mini baskets
  • pouches
  • bead headbands
  • Wings
  • scarf
  • id tag holder

All done!  Yay!  Of course now I have to start working on the rest of the
Christmas stuff.  Maybe another list is in order.


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