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Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost Done

photos 397
Despite several distractions (i.e. school, work stuff, life), I managed to take on a good chunk of my list.  First is this simple belt for one of my nieces.  It is made from cut-up cargos and stamped with little blue flowers.  I added glitter because she is really girly, but she still has to wear uniforms to school.  Hopefully this will past inspection.
photos 396

I used the fuzzy sweatpants again (see Checking Off One by One)to make this “horsie” toy for one of my nephews.  He loves ponies.  It is similar to some moose toys I made last year.  I may post a picture of them if I can find any of them.

photos 407
I made another t-shirt scarf (see A is For…) for someone whom really like the first one.  I had a accident with some red paint.  Long story short, it’s now tie-dyed pink.  Pretty cute, but I wonder if the recipient will think so as well.

photos 398

This is a key chain I made from a tutorial from Creative Little Daisy.  I think the ones from the tutorial are cuter, but this one works.  I didn’t have any d-rings so I used another split ring instead.  It works either way.

photos 405
I made these hair clips and pins for two of my nieces.  I wrapped them with wired ornament hooks and pretty beads.   I know they will love them, and I’m thinking of making some for myself.

photos 403
I’ve been trying to find something to do with these old floppy disks for so long.  Then I thought “why not boxes?”  They are perfect for little odds and ends, and they would make great gift boxes.

photos 402 I made these ornaments from a project in an eBook from Fave Crafts.  There are suppose to look like bells, I don’t really see the resemblance.  I went the quick and easy route using pinking shears and sparkly squeeze tube fabric paints.  I outlined the flowers in the fabric print with the paint.  I think it adds a nice touch, maybe I should do it to more things.  Maybe touch up my wardrobe.
photos 400
I made these pincushions with fabric scraps and bottle caps based on a tutorial from How about Orange.  Mine look a little more like mushrooms than they should.  They’re still cute, I thought it would be cool maybe to attach them to old rings or something like that.  I do recall seeing pincushions rings somewhere.
photos 410
I couldn’t resist making these adorable crayon roll thingies.  I used a tutorial from Skip to my Lou.  I actually made them out of three different shirts. They were pretty quick to make, except for the stitching for the little pockets.  That was time consuming.  I found it was quicker if I didn’t clip the threads and just went on to the next row.  Then I just clipped them all afterward.
photos 416
I made this CD holder from a tutorial from Mushroom Villagers.  I’m not sure if you can tell it is meant for CDs.  Maybe it can be used for other things.  Anyway, I’m glad I still had some of this wanted poster fabric.  I think it is so adorable, plus it is male friendly which is great since this is for a guy.  Sort of.
photos 419
For my felt tree ornaments, I used scraps of fuzzy purple felt.  It reminds me of those pink and purple plastic Christmas trees.  I actually saw a pink Disney Princess one today at Bookman’s.  I decorated them with plenty of glitter paint to make them sparkle and shine.
Here’s my updated list:
  • tiny scarves
  • tiny boxes
  • sock monkey
  • pom-poms
  • wire ornaments
  • kitty
  • belt
  • mitten ornaments
  • scarf
  • CD holder
  • horsie
  • pin cushions
  • wrapped accessories
  • apron
  • felt ornaments
  • disk boxes
  • tote
  • house
  • pet house
  • bell ornaments
  • Key chains
  • roll
Seventeen down, only five more to go!

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