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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Good and the Bad

The Good and The Bad Some good news and bad news.  First, the other day I just happened to notice that I now have 100 followers.  Yay!  Quite the surprise too, I guess I’ve been too preoccupied to notice how close it was to 100.

Now the bad news.  It’s the end.  Disney’s blog, ~Ruffles and Stuff~, has come to an end.  She did her last two posts the other day stating that she is leaving the blogosphere, possibly permanently.  It is such a shame, no more new and cute tutorials and pretty photos, but at least the old blog posts will be staying up for everyone to enjoy.  That includes all her pretty tutorials, check them out here.  And maybe in few years she’ll come back, cross your fingers.

Update:  I should have mentioned this much sooner, but crossing our fingers worked.  ~Ruffles and Stuff~ started up again sometime ago and has been going strong with plenty of new posts.  Yay!

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