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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bargains by the Pound

I mentioned yesterday about discovering a new thrift store in my area that I thought was really cool.  It’s call the Good Store on Main St and Robson in downtown Mesa, and what’s cool is they price their clothing by the pound.  It’s $2.50/lb and it drops to about $1.75 after ten pounds.  As promised, here are all the goodies I managed to snag.

photos 835

I got this for my niece, I am assuming it is intended for sleepwear judging by the bear appliqué.  I thought it was adorable, and luckily she thought so too. 

photos 830

This one I actually wore today because I think it is so pretty.  It ties in the back with a decent sized bow.  The only problem I had with it was that I think it might be a little to low in front for comfort reasons, but there are ways around that.

photos 832

Here’s the solution, this pretty lacy top would look great alone or layered underneath that blue one.  I especially love the sleeves, they flare out like lacy bells or something in a pretty romantic way.

 photos 837

This one is so cute.  Again, more lacy sleeves only this one could actually be worn in this warm weather.  I’m a little unsure about whether or not it really suits me though.  It seems a little more like my sister’s style than mine, assuming I have a specific style, I’m not really sure about that either.

 photos 838

This one is cute, but odd.  It looks like a cute little dress, but it is actually a shirt, one that’s big enough to fit me.  I think it does look really good on me, except for that ruffle and those pockets.  I gave it my niece to wear as a dress, works better that way.

photos 844

This is another one for my niece, a lovely blue polo shirt.  It would be great for school, that is if they actually will allow her to wear this color.  That’s the funny thing about school uniforms and dress codes, I mean what’s wrong with this color anyway?  Well, she can still wear it for Summer Vacation.

 photos 840

I got this one for my nephew so that he wouldn’t feel left out, it is so hard to find cute clothes for little boys.  He also really needed more warm weather clothing, his drawers are full of long sleeved shirts or sweaters and almost no t-shirts.  Poor boy.

  photos 848

I wore this today too, sorry about the picture, black colors hate my camera.  Anyway, this skirt has a drawstring waist that isn’t bulky like some and has two pretty ruffles that swing when I walk.  I just adore it, and it’s so versatile too.

 photos 850

I know it really isn’t the season for these pajama pants, but I just had to add them to the pile.  The little penguins and ice cubes were too much to resist and I know it will be cozy when winter returns.

photos 852

And the final piece.  This skirt goes to the knee without looking super frumpy which is great.  Plus, the embroidery on it is gorgeous along with this unusual color.  I was a little unsure if I would actually be able to find something to wear it with, but I do already have at least one black t-shirt that I know will work with it.  Also, that white lacy shirt I bought actually looks lovely with it, so problem solved again.

Now the grand total for all these lovely items is……$7.60, that’s including the tax.  That averages out to 76 cents per item, that’s why I love thrift stores.  Aren’t bargains wonderful?

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