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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Please Save my Planet

1adovefabgfairy003d Actually not a planet, a site.  Get Crafty use to be a great site to post and read about anything, crafty or not.  It was one of my first resources when I fell in love with crafting again many years ago.  Going back on my roots, I discovered what once had been a fountain of knowledge and mutual sharing of love and ideas has turned into a ghost town with only the occasional visitor.  I can’t stand it.  What happened to make it so barren, there are posts with people asking for help on projects that have gone months without any views.  That is so wrong.  Please check this place out, keep the dream alive.  And for the love of all things crafty, don’t ignore them any longer.


  1. You've not only motivated me to visit Get Crafty, but also see how is doing. I frequented that online community religiously before discovering Etsy three years ago.

  2. Me too. I used to spend hours each day on Crafter looking at all the photos. Funny how I only posted my own once.


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