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Monday, December 7, 2015

Catching Up: A Pink Dress for a Special Doll

Over the past couple months I have managed to finish a particular project from my list,  a doll dress.  Technically I finished all the projects on my list, but that will come later.

Anyway, I had been meaning to make at least one really great dress for my ball jointed doll since I first got her (see Catching Up -- A New Friend).  What’s the point in paying that much for one doll if I don’t put effort in dressing her.  But I put off making her anything other than some basic skirts and tops, until now. 

Pink Princessy Dress for a Ball Jointed Doll

Behold the pink princess dress.  Some of you may find it very familiar since I already made post about it here on my doll blog

This dress was not a easy project to tackle.  I found a pattern that was supposed to fit Msd sized ball jointed dolls like mine, but it was intended for dolls with considerably more child-like figures. 

Pink Doll Dress Bodice Close Up

This was something I didn’t realize until after I had cut and sewn most of the bodice.  I had to spend a great deal of time taking it in and such to get it to fit right.  Then came another problem…

Pink Doll Dress Skirt Close Up

…the skirt.  I hadn’t notice that the skirt pattern wasn’t as full or as long as it needed to be to get the right look.  This I noticed after I had already sewn it and attached it to the bodice.  But rather than let my doll wear a dress that was too short, I added to it. 

I cut into the skirt and gathered it in a couple of spots to create a bustle look, then added some lace and bows.  Finally I used one of the circle skirts I had made before (see 5 a Week: Skirts for Dolls) as an under skirt.

Back of Pink Princessy Doll Dress

The end result was a more interesting skirt design and an over all prettier dress.  It’s nice how things work out so perfectly, or at least close to perfect.

Close Up of Pink Doll Hair Accessory

I also made a cute little matching hair accessory with a scrap of lace and some ribbon.  It ties on her head with some ribbon, bad idea.  I know it looks pretty tied, but it is a pain to actually tie the darn thing.  Her wig usually falls off at least twice each time I try.  I’m going to have find some doll size headbands to use as a base the next time I feel like making doll hair accessories.

Here’s the updated list:

Three down, just three to go.  They will be up tomorrow.  Look forward to it. :)

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