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Friday, November 27, 2015

Catching Up: A Late Costume Post

Now, nearly a month after Halloween, I will finally share my Halloween costume.  Just because I can, plus it came out well.

It started out with two different ideas.  First I had some pretty fabrics I got for Christmas last year that I wanted to use for something.  Second, the fabrics screamed fairy to me so that would be the way to go, except I didn’t want wings.  I was a fairy last year with some gorgeous wings that sadly got stuck in every doorway the entire evening.

So what are you if you’re a fairy without wings?

Green Sprite Costume

A sprite!

It came out well, just a little different from my original design in a few ways.

Skirt for Green Sprite Costume

The skirt is made in two layers.  The first is s satin-y solid color green trimmed with lace, and the second is a floral print sheer tulle with lace and a narrow ruffle on the edges. 

I originally planned on ruffles for both layers, but decided to go with just lace for the bottom layer to save time.  I also wanted to but a large bow in back, but opted not to in order to save time.  Also I thought is might make my rear look enormous.

Flower Wrist Bands for Green Sprite Costume

The wristbands came out just as I intended.  They are decorated with flowers I got at SAS awhile back (see The Biggest Craft Haul Ever).  I added long ribbons attached just under the flowers.  I thought it would look pretty hanging down from my wrists. 

The downside to these wristbands is that I didn’t wear them with the costume the first time.  I went to a party before Halloween.  I used the restroom before leaving for this party and of course took them off first to avoid getting them wet.  I realized on the way to the party that I forgot to put them back on.  At least I remembered them for Halloween night.

Flower Hair Clips for Green Sprite Costume

I made a pair of hair clips with the same flowers at the wristbands and with the same long ribbons too.  They add just the right touch to my hair and are pretty enough that I wish I had more clothing in this color.  Maybe that could be a future sewing project?

Matching Purse for Green Sprite Costume

When I dress up in costume, I have this strange need to make sure my purse matches the rest of the outfit.  To ensure this, I ended up making a simple little bag with some leftover fabric.  I originally planned to make a drawstring bag because I thought it was more fitting to a sprite, but that idea went out the window.

Top for Green Sprite Costume

Here’s one of the more interesting parts of my costume, the top.  It came out considerably shorter than planned.  I am normally not in the habit of wearing midriff baring tops, far from it.  But because of the way the fabrics I used behave along with the style of this top, it just looks more flattering when cut shorter.  It looked really frumpy before I cut off the bottom part.  The downside is that while last year was a particularly warm October here in Arizona, this year was quite noticeably colder.  Maybe next time I’ll make a matching cape for warmth.

Fairy Door Locket Necklace

This necklace added just the perfect touch.  The pendant is a little fairy door locket I got on sale at Joann.  The funny thing is that I got the chain on sale at Michael’s.  Anyway, it goes great with this costume and with just about everything else.  I’ve been wearing it almost constantly since Halloween.

I had a lot of fun wearing this costume, and I got plenty of compliments too which is always nice.  Makes me wonder what to do next year.  Is it too early to plan for that? 

Of course there are still other stuff to make this year.  Christmas is a month away, so I will be posting my list soon and working on checking it off.  Look forward to it.


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