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Monday, November 23, 2015

And We’re Back…With Some Fun Stuff

The blogging hiatus (with some exceptions) has officially ended.  I have returned and brought a few gifts with me.

First up, I mentioned before that I wanted to take time to work on a few personal projects among other things (see Special Announcement or What to Expect).  One of those projects was these…

Free Printable Paper Dolls

…Paper Dolls!

I got the idea while looking through some of my old dress designs.  Two things I noticed.  First is that I actually enjoy drawing clothes just as much as making them.  Second is that over time I’ve slowly improved at drawing clothing.  I’d show examples of that except my earlier designs are just too embarrassing to be seen.

Anyway, I got the idea to try drawing dolls since then I could draw clothes for them to wear.  I made three sets to start.  Feel free to print them out and enjoy.  I opted not to color them or finish their faces, I figured it would make them more fun to play with that way.

Baby Girl Paper Doll (1280x836)

The first set is baby girl, I guess she’s more of a toddler though.  For clothes she has a sundress with hat and sandals, a nicer dress with shoes and hair bow, and a play outfit with hat and shoes.  The play outfit is inspired by the anime Cardcaptor Sakura.  One of Sakura’s more casual/normal outfits to be exact. 

Cat Paper Doll (1280x770)

The second is a cat just for the heck of it.  For clothes she has a sweet dress with a flower hair corsage, an unusual set with puffy shorts and a hat, and a knit sweater with matching hat and skirt.  For some reason I felt the need to make at least one sweater-y looking outfit for each doll, even the one with fur.

Short Haired Girl Paper Doll (1280x889)

And then there’s this short haired girl.  For clothes she has a pleated skirt and turtle neck outfit, a sort of wrap dress, and a v-neck top with jeans and sandals.  The turtle neck outfit was actually inspired by Thelma from Scooby Doo

If you would like larger images of these dolls, you can download them here.

Now for something else fun.  If you follow my maze blog, you would know that it has been a looooong time since I posted a new maze (like a year).  This is mainly due to the lack of a working scanner.  Well seeing as I was able to upload these hand drawn paper dolls it comes as no surprise that I now have a fully operational scanner at my disposal.  

So when you finish having your fun with these dolls, you can hop on over to my maze blog and a enjoy solving some fresh mazes.

There’s still more fun to come.  There are so many things that happened while I was gone that I want to share so the next few posts will catching up posts.  Look forward to them.


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