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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Catching Up: Celebrate with Cuteness

My birthday was last month, and just like last year, we celebrated with a trip to the cutest place ever.  The Sanrio Store.

Warning: The word “cute” will be used quite a bit in this post for obvious reasons.  Some people may be annoyed by this and therefore should click away right now.

Cute cute, cute cute cute cute cute and cute.  Typing it just because I can.

Super Cute Sanrio Store Haul

Anyway, it was a visit to the cutest store around, so naturally I came back with tons of super cute stuff.

Cute Sanrio Folders

I got a set of really cute folders with some characters I’m not familiar with, but since they are fluffy adorable bunnies, why not?  Funny is that when I got them I wasn’t sure if they were folders or some other stationary item.  Either way they would still be handy.

Cute Hello Kitty Circus Tote Bag

I got this cute Hello Kitty tote bag mostly because it was on clearance and tote bags are super handy to have around.  I prefer my cute items to be both cute and useful.  More practical that way, not to mention more economical.

My Melody Bento Box and Hello Kitty Utensil Set

More useful cute items, a My Melody bento box and a set of Hello Kitty utensils.  Make food cuter and more enjoyable.

Cute Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencil

And of course this Hello Kitty pencil with a cute little charm on it.  It’s a really nice pencil too with a comfortable grip.  The only problem is that it looks so much like a pen and doesn’t have an eraser too.  Also it didn’t occur to me until after we left that I probably should have gotten a cute eraser to match.

Sanrio Grab Bag

And now the grab bag, my friends got it for me just like last year.  I love grab bags in general, but the ones from Sanrio are fantastic.  Filled with adorably cute items and they are even wrapped in super cute bags.  So what’s inside?

Cute Contents of Sanrio Grab Bag

In this one was a Hello Kitty folder, a coil bracelet with a cute Hello Kitty charm, a Hello Kitty finger tip ring, and a set of Jewel Pets “pencil caps”.  At least that’s what I think they are, since I saw similar things in the store that were labeled as that.

I almost bought a pack of them, but I don’t have to now since they came in my grab bag anyway.  I thought they would be handy.  They are an easy and reusable way of making plain pencils cuter.  The finger tip ring is a bit odd though, it would make a great doll-sized bracelet though.

Over all, tons of cute items to enjoy, that is until my next birthday.

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