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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pants To…

So remember the two pairs of pants I got at that yard sale a few weeks ago (see Good Day for a (Yard) Sale)?  I found that although I liked the fabric I certainly did not like the fit.  They were a bit snug in some places while too loose in the worst places.  Of course there are things that can be done about all of that.
DSCI2134 (800x616)
So here they are before all sad and unflattering…
…And after.  I first cut off the legs where I wanted and removed the waistbands.  I let out the seams on the side a little to give a little more wiggle room.  For the flowered pair I reattached the waistband and hemmed the legs.  For the black pair though I made a new waistband with wide lace.  Sadly you can’t really tell in the photo, why is black so hard to take pictures?  Now for the rest.  I had to do something with the cutoff legs.  Especially for the black ones, they had that great eyelet embroidered edge.  So I made a pretty little bag that highlights the embroidery as well as a cute doll skirt as modeled by my Monster High doll.  With the floral pant legs I made a small tote bag because one can never have too many, and scrunchies.  One can never have too many of those either.  So I paid about $1 and ended up with two new pairs of shorts, two bags, hair scrunchies and a doll skirt.  I say it was well worth it.
Moving on, I still had some red fabric leftover from that one dress (see Think Red).  Enough for another simple casual skirt.  What I really like is the lace at the hem.  I recently acquired a large amount of lace including this particular lace.  The flowers on it are the same shape as the ones on the fabric, so I absolutely had to use them together.  Now I have this pretty and comfy skirt to wear and I just need to find a top for it.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Sunflower skirt
  • Present
  • Video
  • Little t-shirt redo
  • Pincushions
  • Pants redo
  • Bear pants
  • Hair accessories
  • Red skirt
  • Wristbands
Nine down, just one more to go which will of course be up by the end of this week. Open-mouthed smile


  1. I would say your $1 spending is totally worth it! With a little creativity, voila, you get so many things!! =D

    One more to go from your list, I wish you best of luck! =)


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