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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fluffy Fleece

So I do love, love, looove making my pretty dresses with big poufy skirts.  The problem is that when it gets cold it’s hard to wear a jacket over those skirts.  The solution?  A dress coat or jacket.

White Fleece Dress Coat

Like this one.  I used off-white fleece and a basic jacket pattern with a few tweaks.  Basically I made it about waist long, added a skirt, and added a panel in front to make the neckline higher.  I had intended to make it collar-less that is until I saw what the neckline looked like without one.  It wasn’t pretty. 

The final results are something I can be mostly proud of to say the least.  The buttonholes I’m not too proud of, but at least they show improvement.  Also, the lining gave me some problems here and there especially in the skirt. 

Otherwise I am happy with the results.  Plus now I have plenty of leftover fleece to make accessories like mittens and stuff.  I already started with the bow pin on the collar.  I'm not sure if I should leave it there or wear it somewhere else.

Here’s the updated list:
  • fabric car
  • hankie holder
  • birdies
  • cat bed
  • tiny mittens
  • tiny stockings
  • doll makeover
  • blue dress
  • knitted bag
  • jacket
Six down, just two more to go.  The last two should be done by Wednesday at the latest.

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