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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pouches and a Cat Inspection

First up, last December I made some cute tissue pouches (see Pretty Pins and Pouches).  Now those I made for gifts, not for me.  But now I need some too. 
So I made these ones. They look a lot like the other pouches until you open them.  These ones have a flap to make it easier to put tissues or handkerchiefs in them.  It also makes handy for other things or it would if I could think of another use for them.
I did say there would be two projects today, and the second is this cat bed.  The design is based on one I saw in a store years ago.  It’s basically a soft mat with some sides, I guess sort of like a plush tray.  The only difference it this one isn’t made from foam or tacky looking like the one I saw in the store.  There’s one problem.  When I showed to my cat, Midnight she walked away…
…Then he showed up.  Angel had to give his two cents.
Looks good to him.
But I made it for Midnight. Crying face
Don’t go Angel, you can have it.
Here’s the updated list:
  • fabric car
  • hankie holder
  • birdies
  • cat bed
  • tiny mittens
  • tiny stockings
  • doll makeover
  • blue dress
  • knitted bag
  • jacket
Five down, five to go.  Yay, half way through!

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