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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give Me a Doll with Hair

Ready for my excuse?  It’s a good one.  I didn’t post this yesterday like I said I would because I was sick, again.  Something is going around over here and it finally came around to whack me in the face.  Moving on.
18 in doll from Goodwill

I think a few of you should recognize this doll that I bought at Goodwill (see Finally Remembered).  Only a buck but she needed a bit of work.  Her hair was almost hopelessly tangled and frazzled, someone must have really “loved” doing hair.  She was also dirty and still wearing her original lame horrible plain dress.  I couldn’t let her stay like that. 

So before…

18 inch Doll Makeover

…And after.  

I gave her a good scrubbing and wash and conditioned her hair which made it so much easier to tackle her rat’s nest of hair.  Of course I gave her a hair cut, I do enjoy cutting doll hair and there’s nothing else that can be done for damaged hair. 

The dress I made for her is a simple pillow-case dress style, if you look you can find tutorials everywhere online.  I added some elastic to the waist because I thought it looked better that way.  With some matching ribbon tied in her hair, the look is complete. 

She’s a much cuter doll now.  The only thing is that I have no clue what to do with her now.  Do I keep her or give her away, and away to whom?  I have too many nieces and a nephew who would all love her.

Here’s the updated list:
  • fabric car
  • hankie holder
  • birdies
  • cat bed
  • tiny mittens
  • tiny stockings
  • doll makeover
  • blue dress
  • knitted bag
  • jacket
Two down, eight to go.  Sick or not the next one will be up by Monday.

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