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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Others

Awhile ago I made my nephew the cutest doll which he totally loves (see Dolls for Dudes).  He even named it after himself.  Some people might think it’s strange for a little boy to love dolls.  Why?  I’d rather he play with dolls than toy guns, at least the dolls will teach him stuff he can use, like social skills.  Anyway, I thought I’d show off his other “friends”.


These are his other dolls.  The large Cabbage Patch Kid doll is one I gave him.  I got it at Goodwill for 99 cents.  Not bad right?  He of course loved it when he saw it. Her name is Bella, I think it’s a reference to an episode of the Magic School Bus.  Oh, and yes it does have clothes.  No, he does not know where they are.  He has this odd habit of removing clothes from dolls and losing them.  I’ve made several items for his other doll for just this reason.

Moving on, the doll on the left was an old doll his Aamu gave him.  She got it with a bunch of items on eBay.  We think it might be an old Beauty and the Beast doll.  He is wearing a hand-me-down firefighter uniform so my nephew named him Billy Blazes like the character from Rescue Heroes, one of his favorite shows.  He also has the habit of naming things after shows, not to mention people he knows.  He has plush chicks that he named after his sister and mom.  So cute. 

The doll on the right he just got from his big sister.  It was one of those cheap dolls from Dollar Tree, somebody gave her a bunch of them for Christmas and she sort of got tired of them.  Mainly because she ran out of room for her dolls.  My nephew’s love for dolls comes mainly out of his big sister’s love for them.  It’s the same for a lot of his toys.  She also gave him the shoes and vest the doll is wearing.  The tube dress was made from a sock by his Aamu.  It’s cute and he can easily pull it on and off, perfect for a small child.  He hasn’t decided on a name for it yet.  If he doesn’t name it after a family member, odds are it will be after either a Disney princess or Rescue Heroes character.  He is open to suggestions on that too.  Any ideas for name for this doll?


  1. yes, I encouraged my boys to play with dolls too. Nothing wrong there. I gave them my old doll house but you should see what they did to it! I even have a post about it.
    Found you via my zibbet blog discussion so new new follower here! Hope you can follow me back.

  2. Thanks, I subscribed to your feed. And definitely nothing wrong with it.


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