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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thinking of Christmas?


Heck no, too early for me.  But I am thinking of the supplies.  I have a ton of these wire ornament hooks from last year that I’ve been trying to use up.  I’ve made ornaments with them, doll clothes hangers, etc.  I wanted to make something a little more interesting.


Wire jewelry.  Now I have very little experience making wire jewelry as can be seen in the faux pearl and wire bracelet at the top.  That was made basically by twisting the hooks with pliers until they stayed put.  The faux pearl rings on the left came out a little better.  They slide on easily and almost adjust themselves to fit, almost.  The large ring below them was another bit of fiddling until everything stayed in place.  And at the bottom is the coiled wire bracelet.  That one I am especially proud of, it almost looks like I knew what I was doing with it.  Except for maybe the clasp, wondering if I should replace it with a store-bought clasp.  Something to consider in future jewelry projects.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Business cards
  • Lip balm holders
  • Pins
  • Potholders
  • More doll clothes
  • Hook reuse
  • Pink skirt
  • Tote bag
  • Skirt
  • Bags

Six down, four to go.  The next one should be up this weekend.

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