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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Plastic Caddy to Pretty Headband Holder

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For the first project on my new craft list, I decided to fix a storage problem in a pretty way.

A pile of pretty headbands, mixed up and cluttered.

I have made a ton of cute headbands overs the years to go with pretty outfits.  The problem with having all these nice hair things is storing them so they don’t get tangled up in a heap like this, or damaged.

A simple plastic storage caddy, the solution to our messy head band problem.

The solution is this, a simple plastic caddy.

I got this one for free from a friend, but I found similar ones here at DollarTree.  They are useful to store all kinds of things neatly and within reach.

Plastic Caddy to Pretty Headband Holder.

However, for hair accessory storage I wanted something prettier. 

So, that’s what I did, I made the caddy prettier, to turn it into the perfect headband holder.

Two plastic bins full of laces, ribbons, bows, flowers and other embellishments.  These will be used to make the plastic caddy all pretty.

First I whipped out my embellishments.  The container on the right is where I keep all my lace and ribbons, and the one on the left is full of smaller bits of ribbon, flowers, bows and other random small stuff.

Lately, I gotten into sorting and organizing all my craft supplies, mostly using plastic shoebox size containers and cute baskets.

Start gluing the lace around the caddy with a glue gun.

I picked out some wide lace, and started carefully gluing it around the caddy with a glue gun.

Finish gluing the lace by folding the end before gluing down.

When I got it completely around the caddy, I folded the edge of the lace before gluing it down.

Gluing ruffled lace along the top edge of the caddy with a glue gun.  Careful, it's really hot.

Then I did the same thing with some pretty ruffled eyelet lace.  I glued it along the edge of the container.  I had to be extra careful here, because it’s easier to get burn gluing there.

Glue cute pink ribbon bow to the sides of the caddy as a finishing touch.

To finish it off, I made two large-ish bows from some leftover ribbon and glued them to the sides of the caddy.  This ribbon was left over from this pretty pink dress I made for Easter a while ago.

The finished and nicely decorated plastic caddy, now a pretty headband holder.

And now it is done, and ready for use.

The pretty caddy full of mostly home made headbands.

See, doesn’t that look much better?  And it actually took about 15 minutes to do.  Maybe I should make more.

Here’s the updated list:

  • 3 piece outfit
  • Holder
  • First aid cases
  • Umbrella
  • Tea set
  • Tote

One down, five more to go.  The next two should be up soon, look forward to them!

Give it a try:

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  1. Cute, easy and inexpensive what could be better? Thank you for sharing.


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