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Friday, July 13, 2018

Crafting for Dolls: Straw Hats to Half Bonnets

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Later than planned, but here is the last project on my craft list.  Finally.

Some small bonnet style straw hats from a craft store.

Some time ago, I found a package of small bonnet style straw hats at Bookman’s.  They were only 50 cents!

A small bonnet style straw hat from a craft store.  Let's turn it into a doll half bonnet!

I bought them thinking I could make pretty bonnets for my ball jointed dolls, until I tried them on them.  They were too small, even for my smallest dolls!

What do you do with too small doll straw hats?

A pink haired ball jointed doll wearing a pretty half bonnet with pink bows.

You make half bonnets.

Years ago, I came across a tutorial for taking a child size straw hat and turning it into a half bonnet.  Surprisingly I still remembered it, so I thought “why not try that for a doll?”

Three doll sized half bonnets made from craft store straw hat with ribbon, bows, and flowers.

So I made three ball jointed doll sized half bonnets.  They came out so cute!

The side view of a doll wearing a half bonnet.

They are trimmed on the outside with flowers and bows with ribbons for tying.

Three doll sized half bonnets, you can see the ruffled lace on the inside of the bonnet.

On the inside, I added ruffled lace to frame the doll’s face.  And it’s a great way to use up lace scraps.

The front view of a pink haired bjd wearing a pretty bonnet.

See, doesn’t it look so pretty on Yuna?

A white haired ball jointed doll wearing a straw half bonnet with a pale purple ribbon.

Not that they don’t also look lovely on Hikaru here, I mostly intended to make the bonnets for her anyway.

Two ball jointed dolls showing off their new half bonnets.

If you are interested in making some of these half bonnets for your dolls, I whipped up a quick tutorial on my doll blog.

Here’s the updated list:

Ten down and out.  Finally finished this list! 

So now to start up on the next one.  I will have it posted by Sunday.  Look forward to it!

Give it a try:

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