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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Jewelry Makeover: Turning Earrings into Cute Necklaces

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My last craft project involved altering old clothes, so this one involves changing up accessories, specifically jewelry!

A package of cameo earrings and a packaged of heart earrings, both bought on clearance and ready to be turned into necklaces.

If you remember my Comicon Haul video, you will recognize these cameo earrings from the Victorian Folly grab bag.  The heart earrings on the right I bought at the CVS I work at, they were on clearance fro $2.99.

I don’t actually like wearing dangling earrings, so what do you do with really cute but unwearable earrings?

Jewelry supplies need to turn the earrings into necklaces.  Chains, clasps, basic tools, and jump rings (missing from photo).

You make necklaces!  I picked up some clasps and two different chains at Joann’s, and gathered some jump rings I already had and my jewelry tools.  They come from this basic jewelry kit.

Removing the earring hook from one of the earrings.

Just had to remove the earring hook to start.

Adding a new jumpring to one of the earrings.

For the heart I had to swap out the ring for a slightly larger jump ring.

Added a new chain with clasp, and now the heart necklace is done!

Then just cut a bit chain to my desired length, and add the clasp and now my new heart necklace is ready to wear.  I think it will go well with my new dress (see Clothing Makeover: Altering a Pink Bodyline Dress for Easter).

Cameo earring turned into a cameo necklace.

The cameo necklace was quicker to make, because I didn’t need to use a larger jump ring.  I already have several cameo jewelry pieces, but I can always add another necklace to my collection.

Two completed necklaces made from earrings.

I chose to make only one necklace from each pair of earrings and save the other pieces for later.  Maybe I can make other accessories with them to make a matching set.  Otherwise, I could have easily made pairs of necklaces to give away as gifts.  Kind of like those friendship necklaces and bracelets you see at Claire’s.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Dress makeover
  • Doll undies
  • Cameo and Hearts
  • Blouse makeover
  • Phone case
  • Outfit
  • Mother’s Day
  • Costume fix
  • Jammies
  • Bonnet

Two down, eight more to go.   The next project should be up by the end of the week.  Look forward to it!

Give it a try:

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  1. These are really cool. And of particular interest to me as I have several of my grandmother's vintage earrings at home but never got my ears pierced to wear them. Somehow I never thought about making anything with them, but now I suddenly see how I can use them.
    Thank you for sharing the tutorial and the inspiration at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned.


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