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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sparkly Tulle Phone Case with Tutorial

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Here’s another makeover project. 

This time I’m taking my plain old cell phone case and making it super pretty.  And I made a tutorial, so you can try it too!

Sparkly Fabric Covered Phone Case Tutorial

Here’s what you need:

  • An old phone case
  • A large scrap of tulle or another pretty lightweight fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Pencil
  • Various glues, see below for recommendations.
  • Something to spread glue (sponges, cotton balls, etc.)
  • Gems, beads and other embellishments

The plain phone case before we decorate it with pretty stuff.

Here is my old phone case.  I ordered it online, but it didn’t look quite as pretty as the product photo.  It’s suppose to be rose gold, however it looks darker and blander in person.  Time to change that.

Covering the phone case with tissue paper to trace the shape for a pattern.

First you cover the phone case with tissue paper and trace around it to make a pattern for your fabric.  I’m using gift tissue I got on clearance last Christmas.

Mark areas that shouldn’t be covered, like the camera hole thingy.

The paper pattern is traced and cut out.

Then carefully cut out your paper pattern and compare it to you case.  Trim off edges and such as necessary.

The pattern was pinned to the sparkly tulle and has been carefully cut out.

Pin the pattern to your fabric of choice and carefully cut out. 

I’m using this pretty sparkly tulle.  I’ve used it for this fairy costume dress and this wrap skirt (also for a costume), and now it’s being used for a phone.

One thing that will help make this part easier is ironing the fabric (yes, tulle can be iron on really low heat).  If it helps, you can also try tracing your tissue pattern on thicker paper if it’s too hard to use otherwise.

Spreading glue onto the phone case.

Next is to glue on the fabric by spreading the glue on the phone case and then apply the fabric, smoothing it down as you go. 

I recommend using Mod Podge, but you can also use Tacky Glue.  It’s best to water down the Tacky glue so it’s easier to spread.  I forgot to do that, and it shows.

Adding the fabric to the phone case, almost done!

Let the glue dry for a few minutes, and then dab more in areas that seem to need it.  This is also a good time to trim off any excess fabric that you might have missed before. 

Then set the case to the side to dry some more.

After gluing on the gems, the phone case is done and oh so pretty!

After it is dried completely, you can have fun gluing on gems, pearls, and anything else you want.  I recommend using Aleene’s Jewel-It for this part. 

Let the whole thing dry for about a day, then show off your pretty new phone case.

Here’s the updated list:

Three down, seven more to go.  The next project may take a while to put up, but hopefully not too long.

Give it a try:


  1. I love that sparkly tulle. Great makeover too. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty link Party. Pinned.

  2. Your phone case looks wonderful and so pretty. So nice to have your own one of a kind case. Cute craft project.


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