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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pouches, Just Pouches

In addition to the usual gift ideas (like ornaments), I thought it would be good to give something useful.  Something that served a practical purpose while still being pretty.
Pretty Lacey Pouches
Something like these lovely, lacey pouches.  Perfect to organize a purse or to use instead of one.  They were quick to make too.  I just cut rounded rectangles from the lacey fabric and some satin and pinned them together right sides out.  Just fold to form a pocket and add bias tape to the edges.  Finish with a snap and it’s good to go.
Yo-Yo Zippered Pouch
In addition to the lacey ones, I whipped up these pouches too.  The top one is a simple zippered pouch but with the zipper in the center for easy use.  The two on the bottom are a little more interesting.  They are made of two fabric yo-yos with a zipper between them and buttons for decoration.  A bit tricky to do but worth it.  They will make excellent change purses.  I’m thinking of making a tutorial for them, I just need to figure out how to explain it without confusing or annoying anyone.
Here’s the updated list:
Seven down, just four more to go.  I should have them done by Sunday, hopefully.

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