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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lovely This and Lovely That

Well I said I would “hopefully” post the rest of my Christmas projects on Sunday.  Sadly that lead to posting them 3 days from Sunday, on Christmas day of all days.  To be fair I actually finished making them all yesterday.  I just was a little too busy to post them what with preparing for Christmas eve services a such. 
T-shirt with Lace and Cris-cross Straps
First up, this lovely top made from a plain t-shirt.  It had been ages since I’ve done one of these and nothing completes a lovely holiday skirt like a lovely dressy top.  I did the usual things I do with t-shirts (remove sleeves, cut sides and necks, add elastic, etc.), but the neck line is slightly different.   I used two types of eyelet lace to embellish the neckline, and I added cris-crossing straps on the front.  I’ve done something similar in the past but with straps that tie around the neck.  By doing them this way I don’t have to worry about tying them just right.  Saves time getting dressed.
Red Layered skirt
Speaking of holiday skirts, I made a couple more this year.  That’s right, not just one, but…
Black Layered Skirt
…Two skirts.  They are both very similar in design and made out of almost the same fabric.  Same Edwardian style pattern, but one is red and one is black.  In fact it’s the same fabric I used for the wreath and some of the ornaments on my list.  One might think it is a bit obsessive to have two extremely similar skirts, luckily one of them isn’t  for me.  It is a gift for someone, but I won’t say which one so as to not ruin the surprise for them.  Of course what’s more fun than lovely matching skirts?
Hair Accessories!
Lovely matching hair accessories!  When I made the fabric yo-yos for the wreath and ornaments, I made a few extra to use for hair accessories.
Black and White Headband with Yo-Yos
To go with the black skirt I made this lovely headband.  It is trimmed with white lace, black bows, and silver and white buttons.
Red and White Hair Combs with Yo-Yos
For the red skirt I made these hair combs.  Similar to the headband except I used white bows and use dark red rose buds instead of buttons.
Here’s the updated list:
Eleven down and out.
Have a lovely holiday everyone!

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