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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Finishing Touch, and Some Menswear

I was going to post this yesterday, but after waking up early and attending and singing for two church services, I was exhausted. 
Anyway, I mentioned before that the first two projects on my list needed to be done by the end of the week.  Rest assured I did finish them right on time.
The first is this little bitty bag.  I have already used this fabric to make a skirt and a dress and there is still more than enough to make another skirt or something.  So I thought I might as well make a matching purse to go with all these somethings.  It is about 7 inches in diameter, small enough to fit under my choir robe.  It was a perfect edition to my Easter outfit yesterday.
And the second project was the finishing touch to my Easter outfit, a wreath for my hair.  I had a different idea for it in mind, but that plan kind of fell flat.  This is plan B, take wire stem roses and twist them together to form a ring.  Then wrap green ribbon around to cover the wired part.  Loop on long hanging ribbons and it’s ready to wear.  It barely took 10 minutes to make, but it made quite an impression yesterday.
I got one other project finished this week, clothing for a “man”.  I wanted to make some doll clothes for my nephew, “Ken” doll sized ones.  It presented a slight challenge for me.  The clothes had to be just right to fit a Ken doll, be easy for my nephew to take off and put back on, plus look like something a guy would actually wear.  Sadly this meant no lace.Sad smile  This translated to a pair of yellow elastic waist shorts, a white open top with a tank underneath and a blue messenger bag.  All easy to slide on and official approved by my nephew.  The shorts I made based on a store-bought pair I had lying around.  They are actually pretty quick and easy to make once you figure out how to do it.  There may be more in the future.  Much more.  By the way, the doll in the picture isn’t my nephew’s it is one of mine.  I got it years ago from one of my nieces,  She didn’t want it because the head kept on popping of which creeped her out.  I traded it for a doll with a more secure head, problem solved.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Floral bag
  • Wreath
  • Doll
  • Top
  • Doll dress
  • Gloves
  • Black purse
  • Tiny plushies
  • Tiny “men” clothes
Three down, six  to go. The next one should be up by this Thursday.

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