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Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Lace and Excuses

It’s kind of funny.  I said before that I would post the next project “this Thursday”, and by that I certainly did not mean two weeks from Thursday.  But that’s precisely what has happen.  The excuse?  More like excuses.  First, I had several projects for school to work on including a few “surprise” ones.  Throw in the end of Tax Season which meant being slightly busier at work for a period.  And the biggest and saddest excuse of them all.  A game.  I found a free RPG and since it had been some time since I played one I thought I would try it out a little.  It’s called Ahriman’s Prophecy and it’s surprisingly addictive.  See for yourself if you don’t believe me, you can download it here.      


Anyway, using that floral print fabric, I have made a skirt, a dress, and a bag.  So now here’s the final piece from it, a sleeve-less top.  It’s great because I can wear it together with the skirt sort of like a dress, or with other pieces to avoid blinding people with too much matchy-matchy-ness.  It has shirring in the back so I can pull it on easily and breath easily.  Still are some little quirks to it.  I made the straps slightly too long which isn’t too bad since I “fixed” them.  It just baffles me, I was so sure I measured them properly.  Also, I like the ruffle at the bottom but I can’t help but think that it might not be the most flattering place to stick a ruffle.  Otherwise I am satisfied with the way this came out.


Continuing on, remember Jenny, my Our Generation doll?  She’s the model for this pretty and dressy new dress I made using another commercial doll clothes pattern.  The fabric was an old remnant I got from my mom.  It’s from a stack that she dumped on me, perfect for making doll clothes.  Anyway, I do love how pretty it is, even if it was a pain to sew.  The fabric is so slippery, my poor sewing machine.  Anyway, the pattern was a cinch to use, the only problem with it is that I think the skirt would look better if it was a little shorter.  Same with the sleeves.  Other than that, I love the dress.  I kind of reminds me of a flower girl dress for a wedding.  Maybe I should make some accessories to go with it.  That would be cute right?


This last one is a bag idea I sort of tried before, but in white.  Basically covering the pieces for the bag with rolls of lace before sewing them.  This one I used black lace that is considerably wider than the white lace I used before, so it was noticeably faster to make.  A few other differences with this one is that instead of a zipper to close I used a clasp I ripped from another bag I didn’t like anymore.  Also, with the white bag I made the strap by twisting strands of lace into a cord.  With this one I just folded the lace in half and sewed.  The lace is the perfect width for that, plus it helps to show off the design of the lace.  Over all I’d say it came out well, although I guess it is kind of strange to be making a black bag when it is getting closer and closer to summer.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Floral bag
  • Wreath
  • Doll
  • Top
  • Doll dress
  • Gloves
  • Black purse
  • Tiny plushies
  • Tiny “men” clothes

Six down, just three more to go.  I should have the rest done by Monday at the latest, I mean it this time.  Also,  I should warn you that the next project list will probably up a little later then expected (expected date is the first of May).  I have a quiz, two major tests, and finals coming up in the next two weeks.  Enough said.

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