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Sunday, March 11, 2012

It All Started With Goodwill

I had intended to post this earlier, but I had midterms this week, enough said. 

Straw Bag fromGoodwill

Anyway, I got this bag on sale at Goodwill for 50 cents.  It’s a roomy straw bag and proved to be extremely useful, I used it carry home the other goodies I got that day.  It just needed a personal touch.
Pretty Lacey Straw Bag

A few minutes with a glue gun resulted in this.  I added three rows of two different kinds of lace along the top.  The thinner lace I got at the same time as the bag (so much for my “no more craft supplies” resolution).  I used it to cover the straps in order to both make them pretty and hopefully to make them stronger.  Only time will tell if it worked.

T-shirt Before

I thought it had been a while since redid a t-shirt, you know how much I love it.  So here’s the before.  A large size one that I got for less than 25 cents.  It has stains in odd spots, a pocket I don’t like, and is too big for me.

Lacey T-shirt Reconstruction

Here’s the after, after a lot of cutting down to size.  As I usually do with these, I added lace along the new neckline and along the edges of the sleeves.  I put the elastic about an inch from the sleeve hem to give it that sort of ruffled look. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that in addition to the lace edge on the sleeves I added a row of the same lace I used on the straw bag.  It’s also along the bottom of the t-shirt.  I usually don’t do anything special with the bottom hem when I alter t-shirts, so I thought I should try it this time.  Otherwise it would be like I’m mass producing these shirts and where’s the fun in that?

Lacey White Purse

Now with this one you can see just how crazy I am about that lace.  It’s a simple little purse made with two squares of fabric and a zipper and lining.  The difference is that before sewing those little squares I covered them with rows and rows of the lace. 

So it’s sort of like a little beaded purse except with lace instead of beads.  It was easy to make but extremely time consuming.  Almost as long to make as would have been if I did bead it.  At least the results were worth it.  I think I will make another one in black, but maybe I’ll wait a while.

Here’s the updated list:
  • Doll dress
  • White purse
  • Shoes
  • T-shirt
  • Heart bag
  • Pins
  • Cuffs
  • Straw bag
  • Parasol
  • Dress
Three down, seven to go.  I should have the next one up by either Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. It's amazing the difference some lace makes!!! Love your straw bag. It reminds me of a bag I used to own a long time ago.

    1. It is amazing right? And thanks, it's one of my favorite bags now.


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