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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dressed Duo and Red Shoes

It’s the middle of Spring Break right now.  I could take this time to get a jump on my class work and studying and such, like a good student.  Instead I’m making doll clothes.Eye rolling smile
DSCI1576 (768x1024)
The last attempt to make clothing for a Monster High doll came out fairly decent (see Better Late Than..Oops), so I thought I’d take on the next challenge.  Something fitted.  For these two dresses I had to come up with a pattern for a bodice that would fit their oddly shaped figures.  I think they came out surprisingly well considering, did I mention how little experience I have with pattern making?  Good way to learn.
I don’t think I’ve mentioned my “new” Cleo De Nile doll, the one on the right.  I got her from Goodwill recently in a baggie with three other dolls.  Total price: $2.  I was shocked.  I wasn’t expecting to see any Monster High dolls show up in thrift stores for at least another few years, at least not with all their limbs intact. 
DSCI1562 (1024x710)
Speaking of Goodwill dolls, my American Girl doll has been in need of a pair of shoes since hers were missing when I got her (see Old and New Dolls).  I just happen to have a pattern for a bunch of doll clothes that included a pair of boots, so I whipped these up with red and dark brown felt.  I had plan on making them completely brown, but I realized I was almost completely out of brown felt.  I did have plenty of the red felt though.  Good thing too, they look much cuter this way.
Here she is admiring her new boots.
Here’s the updated list:
  • Doll dress
  • White purse
  • Shoes
  • T-shirt
  • Heart bag
  • Pins
  • Cuffs
  • Straw bag
  • Parasol
  • Dress
Five down, five to go.  I’ll have the next one up this weekend.


  1. The dresses came out way cute!

    Study during Spring Break when you could be making stuff? Nah, just that you felt guilty should count. lol.

    1. Thanks. And who knows, maybe crafting will help prepare my mind for studying or something.


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