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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Crafting Question

A Crafting Question, With Ranting About Button Holes
There’s a lot of things we love about our favorite crafts, things we love doing ourselves all on our own.  But here’s a question for you, what’s something you can’t stand to do when is comes to your craft? 

For me, it’s button holes.  I have, on many occasions needed to add them to some of my sewing projects despite attempts to avoid them (i.e. snaps, Velcro, loops).  I stink at making them.  Something always goes wrong.  I frankly would rather stitch up a wound on myself than stitch a button hole.  Maybe I just need more practice, but after about 14 plus years of sewing, I think I’m as good at them as I am going to get.  Sewing and crafting is like everything else, you won’t love everything about them, just 99.89% of it.

9/9/2015 Update:
Thankfully I have improved on doing button holes since I originally made this post.  I owe it to a few vintage sewing books and a nice sewing class I took a couple of years ago.  I still can't stand doing them, some things will never change.

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