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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something to Do in February

For anyone out there who lives in or Val-Blurbnear Mesa Arizona,  got any plans to celebrate Valentine’s day yet?  I’ve got something for you.  A group I’m in at my church is hosting a special dinner and dance fundraising event on February 12th.  We’re raising money to redo the entrance to make it more friendly looking and inviting,  some have said it looks more like a bank as it is now.  I personally don’t think it’s quite that bad, but it has always reminded me of a court house, or maybe the huge house in that movie The Haunting.  I think that’s what it was called.

The tickets for the dinner and dance, which starts at 6:30pm, are $15 and must be purchased ahead of time so we know how much food to prepare.  The dance tickets alone are just $3 and can be bought at the door at the last minute.  The dance itself is at 8:00pm.  leaving plenty of time before hand to eat and do whatever, and of course there is a live band.  I hear they’re pretty good.  Also, I heard a group from a local dance school will be there to show everyone a few steps, hopefully to get those wallflowers out on the floor. 

The church is located in downtown Mesa on the south-east corner of Center and 1st Street across from the Mesa Arts Center.  For more info check here.  Hope to see you all there.

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