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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Soft and Glittery

photos 458
I finished my jacket, looks pretty good, right.  I boiled it in tea to fade the color and give it a brownish tint.  Very subtle.  I used an old sweater for the new collar and cuffs.  The sweater was dumped on me a while ago, and it was hideous but oh so soft.  Perfect for a cozy warm jacket.  I covered the buttons with scraps from an old dress I had use before to make doll clothes.  The appliqués on the pockets were cut from that same fabric.  I used fabric glue to stick them on, and don’t worry, it is washable.  Just a touch of sparkly gold fabric paint on the appliqués and it’s all set.  I just wonder if anybody will notice the change when I wear it to church tomorrow.  We’ll see.
Here’s the updated list:

  • Altered jacket
  • doll house
  • sleeping bags
  • hat
  • Glittery makeover photos 450Just four to go.
    Here’s a look at the progress on the doll house.  For those who read my last post, if you guessed that I would be using cardboard, you were right on the mark.  I used an old cardboard guitar box I found downtown.  It was the right size and had an interesting shape which I incorporated into the design.  You’ll see what I mean when it’s finished.  Hope you can wait that long.
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