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Monday, March 20, 2017

Tiny Blue Lace Dress for A Doll, and a Tutorial?

It has been a while since I made anything for my ball jointed dolls, and one particular doll has been waiting a long time for something to wear.

Cute blue dress with lace for a ball jointed doll.

This is Yuna, a 1/6 scale ball jointed doll that I got last November.  Until now the only thing I had made for her to wear was a sweater (see From Socks to Doll Sweaters) to pair with a borrowed dress from one of the other dolls.

But now she has this adorable little blue doll dress to wear.  It is made from a scrap of blue cotton left over from a Halloween costume (see Halloween = Tulle) with a little bit of lace. 

Cute blue dress with lace for a ball jointed doll.

I decorated it with tiny pearl beads and a tiny rosette and ribbon bow.

And for those who have ball jointed dolls this size or similar sized dolls, I have a little treat.  I made a sewing tutorial for this dress on my doll blog.  It includes a free downloadable pattern.  Feel free to check it out.

Blue doll dress with a lace headband and a bag.

In addition to the dress, I whipped up a simple little felt bag and a cute lace headband.  The bag is made the same way as the felt doll purses I made last summer (see 5 a Week: Cute Felt Bags for Dolls with a Tutorial).

Pretty lace head band for a doll.

The headband is just some lace with a bit of elastic at the back.  Super easy to whip up and super pretty.  I think I want to make some more, for me and my dolls.

Cute blue dress with lace for a ball jointed doll.

Overall, it makes for one cute little dolly outfit.  And there are more to come later.

Here’s the updated list:

Four down, just one more to go.

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