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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sailor Moon Gashapon Toy Unboxing

It’s up a little later than I had planned, but it’s finally ready.

Sailor Moon Gashapon Unboxing.  Cute capsule toys from Japan.

My Sailor Moon gashapon unboxing!

For those who don’t know, a gashapon or Gachapon is a capsule toy from Japan.  Like the tiny toys you see selling for 25 or 50 cents in those little machines at grocery stores. 

Kind of like that, only much better.  They are usually better quality and with a wider variety to choose from.  For more information about them, check this video from Only in Japan.

Sailor Moon Gashapon Unboxing.  Cute capsule toys from Japan.

Anyway, as you saw in my Comicon haul video (see Phoenix Comicon Shopping Haul and Grab Bag Opening), I received several gashapons from my grab bags, all Sailor Moon ones. 

Since opening them was so special to me, I chose to make it a separate video.  And now you can finally see for yourself.  Be prepared for a couple of surprises.

Enjoy the video!

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