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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pink and Sparkly, A Knit Dress and a Costume?

The good news, I finished two more projects on my crafts list perfectly on time.  The bad news, I actually forget to post them here.  Several other things came up over the holiday and that’s life.

Anyway, the first project I made was a really cute knit pink dress.

Making a pink circle skirt.

I started with this great knit fabric I found at SAS.  It’s so soft and super stretchy.

Making a pink circle skirt.

I started to make a circle skirt using this tutorial, only I skipped adding a seam allowance and a zipper because I am using knit fabric.  No need for zippers!

Making the top for a knit dress.

For the top, I used a knit tank top as a guide to cut the front and back pieces.  I also cut a rectangle of fabric to cover the middle of the front side.

Making the top for a knit dress.

This special rectangle was cut into strips after sewing to the front of the dress.

Cute "bows" down the front of a knit dress.

Each strip was then gathered in the center like a cute bow.  I added pink rhinestones to the center of each “bow” to make it extra pretty.

Cute pink knit dress with a circle skirt and rhinestones.

After sewing the top to the skirt and hemming everything, here’s the finished dress.  It came out wonderfully and it’s really comfortable to wear. 

The only problems I had with it was with my sewing machine.  I’m afraid my beloved sewing machine is on it’s deathbed.  I will soon be getting a new one.  You will hear more about that later.

Anyway, this new dress isn’t just pretty but very versatile.  It just needs the right accessories.

Making a tulle wrap skirt from a circle skirt tutorial.

I started by making another, larger circle skirt with this sparkly tulle.  It’s leftover from the tulle I used to make a Halloween costume years ago.  For this skirt, I cut it down to open the circle and curved the corners and little.

Making a tulle wrap skirt from a circle skirt tutorial.

Then I added a long ribbon along the waist area and left long ribbon tails to tie it.

Used a candle to seal the edges of tulle.

I made sure to carefully melt the cut edges so they wouldn’t unravel.  I used a lit candle for this, a scented candle.  It was tricky, but effective.

Sparkly tulle wrap skirt.

The result is a sparkly tulle wrap skirt.  It can be easily worn over dresses and such to add a little something extra.

And there’s more accessories…

Making a necklace out of rhinestones and tulle.

I cut strips of some plain tulle and carefully glued rhinestones to it in a straight line.

Tulle and rhinestone jewelry.

After trimming and adding a clasp, I had a rhinestone necklace.  I also did the same thing to make matching bracelets.

Tulle and rhinestone necklace, look cool right?

When worn the tulle isn’t very visible, so it looks like the rhinestone are glued on to me.

Glittery fairy wings from Joann Fabric and Crafts, added more rhinestones to customize them.

That’s not the only thing I added rhinestones to, I added some to these old wings to perk them up.  They are the same ones from that old Halloween costume.  I also added rhinestones to a headband to match the necklace and bracelets.

Add all these accessories to that simple cute dress and…

Sparkly pink crystal fairy costume.  Made up of pieces that can be worn separately.  Nice!

…It’s a Halloween costume!

I dressed as a pink crystal fairy this year.  It came out great right?

The best part is that all the pieces can be used for so many other costumes or for everyday outfits.  The tulle wrap skirt pink dress would be great for a dressy outfit for a Christmas party, maybe with the right accessories?

Here’s the updated list:

  • Pink dress
  • Accessories
  • Socks
  • Headbands
  • T-shirts
  • Tank Top

Three down, Three more to go.  The next one should be up by next week, but hopefully sooner.  Look forward to it. :)


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